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IF series 600 Fine Pitch Indoor fixed led screen Price:¥

16:9 600×337.5mm HD LED Display
600×337.5mm Size Cabinet
3840HZ High Refresh Rate
Frontal Service Design for Easy Installation
High-end Indoor LED Display
Super efficient cooling back cover design
2K/4K/8K point to point visual effect

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Ultra HD Visual Effect

HD LED cabinet with 16:9 golden ratio, 3840HZ high refresh rate and fine pixel pitch, can be the best choice for high-end indoor LED screens.

Indoor fixed fine pitch_3.png

16:9 Golden Ratio Design

cabinet size follows a 16:9 ratio, measuring 600*337.5mm. It boasts an excellent cabinet design, prized for its ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin features.


Perfect Cabinet Design

LED cabinet design is perfect, featuring a beautiful appearance and user-friendly layout. 

It’s quick to install and easy to maintain, offering a visually pleasing experience that delights the eye.

16:9  dual backup.png

Ultra Lightweight

Experience flawless visuals from any angle with our ultra-lightweight design, weighing in at just 4.65kg. 

Crafted with a high-precision aluminum cabinet frame, it seamlessly splices images and videos, delivering the perfect visual experience you desire.

16:9ultra thin.png

300x168.75mm Size Modules

Using high quality unique LED modules  which Support module temperature detection, voltage detection, dot to dot correction and more.

16:9  front module1.png

Frontal Service Design

Frontal service design for LED receiving cards, HUB cards, power supplies and LED modules. The LED modules is assembled in front with magnetic features.

16:9  front module.png

High Flatness

Our LED display offers seamless splicing, fast locking, and simple internal wiring for quick maintenance and seamless connections. 

With no gaps, it provides 16K, 8K, 4K, and FHD seamless visual displays.


Great View Effect

                High refresh with great visual effect ,smooth and clear display


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